Paint protection film (PPF) is a great product to keep your car’s paint looking great. Maintaining your paint protection film is imperative to keep your PPF in good condition so your car’s painted surface can stay clean and protected. Here are 5 tips from Pro Auto Spa’s professional team to help your paint protection film last longer.

Immediately Remove Contaminants

Quickly remove contaminants (such as bird-dropping, tree-sap, bug-splatter, etc.) before staining can occur. We recommend not using abrasive cleaners, and instead using XPEL PPF Cleaner. 

How to Handle Light Scratches

Most paint protection films (such as XPEL’s Ultimate Plus PPF) have special elastomeric polymers with self-healing properties. If you have scratches on your PPF, leaving your vehicle in direct sunlight will help your PPF to “heal”. The process of self-healing is effective for eliminating swirl marks and other fine scratches. Another way to handle light scratches is to pour warm water over the area to activate the PPF healing.

Use extreme caution if you Pressure Wash

Avoid using a pressure washer or any kind of high-pressure machine near the edge of PPF. The pressure from the water can cause PPF to start to peel if it is sprayed at the wrong angle. If you do use a pressure washer, try to keep a good distance from the edges of your film to prevent any damage.

Don’t go to an automated car wash 

You have to wait at least 48 hours before washing your vehicle after applying PPF to allow the film to cure. After this period, you can hand wash your car as normal. Be careful not to use a detergent that will damage your car’s paint protection film. Warm water and car wash soap should do just fine.

Use a premium wash mitt 

Use a premium wash mitt like a microfiber mitt to gently clean off the dirt from your car’s paint.  Mitts will help prevent swirl marks and keep your car clean. Use your wash mitt from the top of your car to the bottom to prevent spreading around too much dirt and grime.

If you need help maintaining your paint protection film, call the Pro Auto Spa today for a professional detail!