Automobile Scratch Repair
in Colorado Springs

Even the smallest scratch can adversely affect your vehicle’s appearance and diminish its aesthetic beauty. Not to mention, just looking at it can make you cringe. Don’t fret though, Pro Auto Spa doesn’t just offer Hail Damage and Paintless Dent Repair, we also offer car scratch removal services.

This is an aggravation you don’t have to live with. Repairing scratches is simple and quick for our trained technicians. Pro Auto Spa’s trained technicians can repair paint scratches in your vehicle’s doors, hood, fenders, bumpers and side mirrors without dismantling your car or keeping it for days like a traditional body shop.

Scratched Paint on bumper

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With today’s technology, taking your vehicle to a body shop for minor abrasions is not only costly and time consuming, and completely unnecessary. Sometimes, for less than your insurance deductible, or close to it (depending on your deductible amount), Pro Auto Spa can repair most scratches. Bring your vehicle in today and we’ll give you our honest appraisal and a free estimate to fix car scratches.

Car scratches come in two categories: Superficial and Deep Scratches. Superficial scratches rest on the surface and do not penetrate your vehicle’s clear coat or base paint. Deep scratches reach down to the primer coat or even bare metal, where rust and corrosion can eventually start to develop. Superficial scratches can generally be repaired within a matter of hours.

Deep scratches take more time and may require new paint applied to that area. But even deep scratches can usually be repaired in less than one day. If your scratch is more than a scratch, our Paint Chip Repair service may be just what you need.

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