Using a ceramic coating on your car can be one of the most worthy investments you make. This popular method is cost-effective, protective, and provides your car with the shiny, glossy look you first fell in love with. Did you know the ceramic coating market is set to reach $3.32 billion by the year 2026?

Protects your paint

Did you know every time you drive your car, you are exposing it to several external factors and contaminants that can damage the paint job? Therefore, it is recommended to use a protective shield such as ceramic coating that will block out these contaminants that would otherwise cause fading, chipping or staining.

You can also protect your vehicle’s paint job from oxidizing due to UV exposure through the application of ceramic coating. This is an excellent option for drivers who park their vehicles outside for long periods of time.


One of the primary benefits of ceramic coating is that it is more cost-effective than other protective applications. However, it may not seem so during the initial investment of the application process. Simply consider how much money you save in the long run by avoiding paint correction services later on to repair and rejuvenate your vehicle’s paint surface.

Looks fantastic

Every car owner wants their vehicle to look its best – all the time! Using ceramic coating offers a glossy finish, enhancing the original paint job by giving it depth and sheen. Thus, not only does ceramic coating protect your vehicle’s paint job, but it provides a candy-like gloss that makes heads turn every time you drive. In many cases, it will look better than showroom quality.

How ceramic coating works

The process of applying ceramic coating involves several integral steps:

Thorough wash and prep

Experts such as Pro Auto Spa swear by the importance of the prep work conducted before the ceramic coating is applied. The four main steps of this prep process include:

  1. Wash: Clean your car thoroughly to remove all dust, grime or debris as the first step in prepping your vehicle for the ceramic coating application process.
  2. Clay: ‘Claying’ the vehicle involves the removal of impurities and contaminants that are embedded into your car’s clear coat or paint. These impurities are typically invisible to the naked eye, but you can generally feel them if you run your hand across the paint even after a thorough wash. Detailing experts at Pro Auto Spa use a clay decontamination product, lubrication and water to carry out this step of the process.
  3. Paint correctly and polish: It is important to remember that while ceramic coating protects your vehicle’s paint job, it does not fix existing scratches or flaws. Therefore, it is important to remove and repair all unsightly dents, blemishes, swirls, or fading before the ceramic coating is applied.
  4. iPA spray: The last step of the prepping process involves spraying and wiping the vehicle with an effective Isopropyl Alcohol spray to remove strong lubricants such as wax or polish.

Application of the ceramic coating

Using an applicator, the ceramic coating is applied in circular motions or cross-hatch patterns in one area at one time without repetitions. In 45 seconds, as the ceramic begins to ‘sweat’, it is wiped out and removed using a brand new microfiber towel. Finally, the ceramic coating is analyzed with an LED to ensure there is no excess.

For more information on the ceramic coating and how it can benefit your vehicle, contact Pro Auto Spa today.