Paintless Dent Repair in Colorado Springs is an innovative new technique that manipulates a car’s damaged material to reshape it back into its original form. Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) can be applied to both metal and plastic parts of the car, and as its name suggests, painting is not required. The improvement in efficiency and cost savings of PDR makes it the preferred choice of repair for dents and dings by auto body technicians.

PDR can be used for the vast majority of dents and signs that your car is likely to encounter. Continue reading to discover the significant advantages of Paintless Dent Repair and when you can use PDR for your next repair job.

PDR Requires Less Time and Materials

Since Paintless Dent Repair does not involve painting, it also involves fewer steps. These benefits result in most repairs being completed within a day compared with conventional body repair that can take over a week. 

Environmentally Friendly

As an added benefit, PDR is a more environmentally friendly option for auto body repair. With the elimination of primers and paint materials, no environmentally dangerous products are used.

When can PDR be used?

While PDR is an excellent repair method for the vast majority of dents, some damage will need to be repaired conventionally. Factors including the dent’s size and location and whether or not the metal and paint have been stretched will determine if PDR can be successfully applied.

PDR matches the results of conventional repair but at a lower price and a fraction of the time. These benefits make PDR the best option for your car for removing dents and dings. Speak to an auto repair technician to learn whether or not PDR can be used to fix the damage to your car.

Pro Auto Spa offers paintless dent repair in Colorado Springs. For information on Paintless Dent Repair and scratch repairs, as well as restoring your car to perfect showroom appearance, contact Pro Auto Spa.