Ceramic car coating is intended to bond to your car’s paintwork and stay there for a very long time. When you apply a ceramic coat, you give your car many years’ worth of hydrophobic protection. However, there may come a time when you need to remove the coat. The reasons for doing so might include preparing for bodywork, applying a new coat or redoing your paint job. If you need to remove the ceramic coating, it can be done, although it is quite a laborious exercise. Here are two ways you can remove the ceramic coating from your car. 

Use a clay bar

If your ceramic coat is older than three years, then the best way to remove it is with a clay bar and washing. Start off by washing the car with a wax-stripping shampoo. Then rub the entire vehicle down with a clay bar or clay mitt, using a concentrated car shampoo solution as a lubricant. Finally, spray the vehicle clean, and then dry it off with a microfiber towel.

Polish the car

You can effectively remove newer ceramic coats with a polishing compound and orbital polishers. Polishing is an excellent way to cut through the hard layer to the clear coat underneath. If you choose this route, know that it will take some time: a professional detailer will work very slowly, progressively breaking through the coating with a series of polishes, starting with medium-grit and then stepping up in grit percentages until the coat is gone. Be careful, as mishaps in this process can permanently damage your paint.

Removing a ceramic coat is a job that is best left to the professionals. It is time-consuming work and will yield the best results if done by someone with the proper tools and know-how. Novice errors can damage your car’s clear coat and paint, requiring an expensive fix. If you think it’s time to remove and refresh your coating, contact Pro Auto Spa, the best detailers and ceramic coating experts in Colorado Springs.