Car detailers face numerous questions about how to take care of a car’s finish after a ceramic coating has been applied. One of the most frequently asked questions is whether or not you can use polish on a car’s ceramic coating. We hope to provide the definitive answer to this question here.

Why you should never polish a ceramic coated car

The shortest, most straightforward answer to the question of whether a ceramic coated car should be polished is no! First of all, it simply isn’t necessary. The ceramic coating provides the protection and the beautiful finish that you would expect to get from polishing, so it is an action you simply never need to take. If you do get a stain on your ceramic coating, you should simply wash it off with the right alkaline car shampoo. 

Aside from adding no benefit, polishing can actually be detrimental to your ceramic coating. In fact, polishing is one of the best methods to remove ceramic coating. High-grit polishing compounds may not cause too much trouble, but the lower the grit percentage, the more likely it is that a compound will cut through the coating and expose the clear coat underneath. 

If you have concerns about stains and marks on your ceramic car coating, seek the advice of the professionals at Pro Auto Spa. As the leading experts in ceramic coating in Colorado Springs, we will be able to suggest a car and cleaning routine that will be gentle on your ceramic coating. Contact us for more information.