We know car detailing is a great way to keep your car’s interior in great condition, but does it also include paint surfaces? Professional car detailing involves a thorough cleaning and refurbishing of the vehicle that restores it to almost new or factory fresh condition. It is much more skilled, labor-intensive, and detailed than a regular car wash. Read on to find out what it entails from Pro Auto Spa.

Will professional car detailers wash paint surfaces?

A high-quality car detailing service cleans and protects the paint job, making it less vulnerable to harsh weather conditions. It involves a three step process of cleaning, decontaminating, and protecting your vehicle.

The detailing process begins with an exterior wash and dry by hand after which the body of the car is sprayed with specialized detailing products. This also includes the washing and cleaning of door handles, rims, and glass surfaces.

Do professional car detailers do tar removal?

Our professional car detailers use high quality professional road tar remover sprays to eradicate even the most stubborn tar marks and bug residue.

Will professional car detailers polish paint surfaces?

Once the car is washed and superficially cleaned on the outside, our expert team of car detailers use a clay bar to begin the paint decontamination process. This involves the removal of contaminants, impurities, tiny particles and industrial debris, and any remaining residue, leaving the exterior of the car smooth to the touch. This restores the feel of the paint surface back to its original showroom condition.

Next, they polish the surface with a compound that removes swirls and tiny scratches in the paint surface to restore its original shine. This level of paint correction is a service that only the best detail shops do well.

Do professional car detailers wax & seal paint surfaces?

Finally, the exterior car detailing process culminates with the application of a sealant that gives the paint job a protective layer. This gives the car a glossy shine and protects the paint from contaminants for a period of time.

For longer-lasting protection after a professional detail service, you might consider paint protection film by XPEL and ceramic coating with Gtechniq Crystal Serum Ultra. When applied correctly by certified professionals, these treatments far surpass the durability and longevity of waxes and sealants by years. 

Other exterior services include engine detailing, headlight refinishing & polishing and more. At Pro Auto Spa, our professional car detailers also analyze the paint as well as any surface damages, including peeling, flaking, or cracking. We can fix issues related to paint chips, scratches, rust and effects of oxidation to make the car look brand new.

For more information on car detailing for paint surfaces, contact Pro Auto Spa in Colorado Springs today!