Think for a moment about all the things you do in your car.  Do you ever eat, drink, or leave trash in it?  Do you cart kiddos to and from school, soccer practice, and to the movies on weekends?  Do you invite Fido inside for a road trip every once in a while?

For most, their car has become a second home, a safe place that gets them from Point A to Point B and C.  And even for those of us who take it seriously when it comes to keeping our cars clean, there are germs hiding in nearly every nook and cranny.  Your car needs a “flu shot”!

The flu is serious business. 

Professional Car Detailing at Pro Auto Spa in Colorado SpringsAccording to El Paso County Public Health, cases of influenza have risen dramatically over the 2018-2019 Influenza season.  Even though we are advised to get our flu shots every year, recent months have shown high numbers of adults and children even being hospitalized for severe cases of the flu.  And there are more ways than one that germs get into your beloved vehicle.  Think about the last time you went out to eat.  Did you use the restroom?  What were you standing in?  It’s not fun to think about, but those germs from the floors you walk on then get tracked into your vehicle.  Now your carpets and mats are carrying whatever germs were in that restroom into the area you and your family spend a ton of time.  A recent study even found that your car’s steering wheel is up to four times more dirty than a public toilet seat.  We are gripping our steering wheels all day long, and then feeding our children or ourselves, touching our faces, and spreading germs with every interaction.  This same study also uncovered the fact that we don’t wash the inside of our cars nearly as often as we should.  Did you know that 12% of people say they have NEVER cleaned the surfaces of their car’s interior, and 32% say they only do it once a year?  During that 12 months, every footstep, dropped crumb, and paw print are growing germs and bacteria.  Germs that can ultimately make you sick.

But there is good news! 

In addition to washing your hands, coughing in your elbow, and not touching your eyes, nose, and mouth often, you can disinfect your vehicle to give you and your loved ones the extra protection you need this flu season, and throughout the year.  You don’t have to put up with the 700 different strains of bacteria that are invading your vehicle.

Pro Auto Spa is a family-owned business.  We have kids and pets, too!  We also have your back when it comes to car care.  Our detailers can give your car the flu shot it needs, by professionally steam-cleaning your vehicle’s interior.  We use dry-vapor steam machines that produce super-hot steam, which kills microorganisms and bacteria on contact.  Your interior has never looked or felt so good as after it has been cleaned and sanitized!  By using low water content in our dry steam process, you also don’t have to worry about carpets or upholstery being wet after we are finished.

You love your car! 

Love it even more by having it steam-cleaned by the professionals at Pro Auto Spa at least once a year.  Call us to set up your appointment and say good-bye to the hundreds of germs that are hiding in every square inch of your car today!