Ceramic coating comes to the rescue this Christmas in Colorado. While families are enjoying creating snow angels, drinking hot chocolate, and heading out to the ski resorts, the last thing anyone wants to stress over is exterior car maintenance. Discerning car owners are choosing ceramic coating so that they can kick back and relax knowing their car’s paint is protected from snowstorms, and worse – the increased sand and grit that kicks up from the road. 

How is ceramic coating helping car owners?

People are more likely to stay indoors and warm as the temps drop. Families may want to spend quality time together. In Colorado, cars pick up a lot of dirt from the roads when they are coated with snow and road treatments. Ceramic coating such as GTechniq Crystal Serum Ultra cleans up easier than regular waxes and sealants so car owners don’t have to waste their precious family time with tons of buckets of water or car washes. We imagine the money saved here will be used for Christmas gifts!

Car owners don’t have time to take care of a car when a snowstorm strikes. Nor would you want to be trying to clean the grime off your car when it’s below freezing outside. Ceramic coating gives them one less thing to stress about. It serves as a protective shield for the car’s paint and underlying metal – protecting it from the impact of corrosion during snowy conditions. Of course, cars should be covered and sheltered but life happens, and with ceramic coating, you can be assured that your paint is protected.

Although Christmas is family time, not everyone has loved ones nearby, and some may have to travel far distances to see theirs. They may consider driving to spend time with others during the holidays. Thankfully, with ceramic coating, damage to your car’s paint is not something you are likely to experience. Car owners can take to the road knowing the hydrophobic layer is protecting their vehicle’s exterior paint.

Tips to help car owners for Christmas

Kudos to the car owners who took the steps to protect their car’s paint from the snow, sand, and anti-icing chemicals. Use these tips to preserve your ceramic coating:

  • If your car’s delicate paint is a victim of the snowstorms, simply spray your car down with a hose or jet spray.
  • Use a car shampoo that is pH neutral and free of wax/sealants to keep your vehicle glossy throughout the season.
  • Forget about the car wash. They might use higher alkaline soap. It’s way too cold out there anyway. 

Call us today for ceramic coating before the snowstorms damage your vehicle’s paint!