So you’ve just bought a new car with a beautiful, shiny paint job that you want to preserve for as long as possible? Should you get a ceramic coat for your pride and joy? 

Ceramic coats preserve your paint job for years

If protecting your car’s paintwork is a priority for you, then a ceramic coating is a must. There are other products you could use, such as waxes and sealants, but none of these provide the long-lasting protection you need to preserve the showroom beauty of your paintwork. Ceramic coatings will provide protection against dirt, moisture, UV rays and chemical stands, while also enhancing the appearance of the paintwork. Your car will repel dirt, will be much easier to wash, and will look brighter and shinier than any other vehicle on the road – for years! The most impressive benefit of ceramic coatings, aside from their protective qualities, is their longevity. You won’t have to reapply the coat for a very long time, whereas waxes and sealants will need regular reapplications and touch-ups.

What ceramic coatings won’t do

Having sung the praises of ceramic coatings, it is essential that we also make it clear what ceramic car coatings are not, and what they can’t do. A ceramic coat forms a powerful chemical bond with the clear coat on your vehicle’s paint job. This bond enables the coat to repel dirt and water, and to enhance the finish. However, it will not prevent chips, swirls and scratches, nor will it enable you to avoid cleaning your car regularly (it will make cleaning easier, however). You will still need to take care of the coat and be careful to avoid gravel and other causes of scratches and chips. 

If you are the proud owner of a beautiful new vehicle in Colorado Springs, bring it into Pro Auto Spa’s workshop and let us apply a high quality ceramic coat to keep it in good-as-new condition. Contact us for more information.