Driving with unclean, hazy, dirty windows is not just jarring to look at but extremely dangerous, especially considering the bright sun here in Colorado. Our professional auto detailers definitely clean your windows and mirrors. Pro Spa Auto, car detailing and maintenance experts in Colorado Springs, explain what the auto detailing process for cleaning windows and glass entails.

How do professional car detailers clean a windshield?

The windshield is first cleaned with water and professional glass cleaner. The exterior gets treated to a snow foam wash. We use clean towels with each vehicle to get a streak-free shine. 

We encourage our customers to consider a ceramic coating on the windshield for advanced rain repellency and reducing the amount of debris that might otherwise stick to the glass.

In certain cases, we may also use Magic Eraser, steel wool, or a razor blade to  remove any bonded contaminants or the dirt and grime that still remain. It is important to ensure that the detailing clay does not get stuck in crevices in the windshield as this can obstruct vision. Rest assured that the pros at Pro Auto Spa will take care of this for you.

Will professional car detailers clean a sunroof & mirrors?

Our experienced car detailing team uses professional grade glass cleaners with microfiber cloths to clean the sunroof glass and all the mirrors. If necessary, we may clear the sunroof trough using low-pressure air that moves through the drain tubes.

Do professional car detailers clean windows?

At Pro Spa Auto, we always use professional grade, Detail Mafia approved cleaners for your vehicle’s glass and windows. The buffing process is carried out with microfiber cloths that do not scratch the glass but remove particulates effectively. Car detail experts also recommend cleaning the driver and passenger windows first and then making their way to the back.

How do professional car detailers clean headlights?

As a part of the exterior detail, the headlight covers are cleaned. In cases where there is a haze in the headlight cover, Pro Auto Spa also offers a headlight restoration service. Our expert team of car detailers begin masking off the painted surfaces around the headlights with painter’s tape. Next, we use a non-abrasive cleaner, carefully avoiding the surrounding trim or paint job. We use a very fine-grained sanding material to recreate a smooth surface to the headlight cover. This process requires some elbow grease and professional tools, and it produces great results in the end. Finally, we ceramic coat the headlights to offer slickness and UV protection. This will extend the life of your headlights and improve nighttime visibility for a much longer period of time.

Our clients are often surprised how well we can restore headlights to their original condition. If you are noticing that your headlights don’t provide as much light as they did when your car was new, or if you recently bought a used car with faded headlights, come on by for a free consultation on your options. This is about appearance and safety. 

For more information on how Pro Spa Auto’s professional auto detailers clean your windows and glass during the car detailing process, contact us today!