Paint protection film is a revolutionary product for your vehicle, but does paint protection film damage paint? Read our answer and find out the truth about paint protection film below.

What is Paint Protection Film?

Paint Protection Film is designed to protect your car from scratches, chipping, rock chips, road debris, pebble abrasions, corrosion, etc. It has a clear coat and is virtually invisible when installed properly. Car paint protection film forms a barrier between your car’s exterior and the outside harsh elements, debris, and contaminants.

Types of Paint Protection Film

There are different types of paint protection film, but the most popular is Clear Bra protection. At Pro Auto Spa, we supply industry-leading Clear Bra from XPEL as a self-healing protective film that sheds contaminants that would otherwise stain or yellow conventional films. The clear film employs special elastomeric polymers. The result is an elimination of swirl marks and other light scratches without hassle.

Does Paint Protection Film Damage Paint

Does PPF Damage New Car Paint?

The simple answer is no. Paint protection film installation will not cause damage to your car’s paint or window tinting. But there is a catch. Paint protection film should be applied by a certified professional who has expert knowledge to safely apply and remove PPF without damaging the car’s paint to ensure the lasting protection you need. 

If you are ready to apply paint protection film, we highly recommend you contact our professional paint protection film experts at Pro Auto Spa in Colorado Springs. We will keep your vehicle in pristine condition and ensure you receive PPF installation without the aggravation of paint chip repair or scratch repair. We will shield your vehicle with the top-of-the-line automobile clear protection film.

Give Pro Auto Pro a call for safe, effective, and long-lasting paint protection film installation. We are a local, family-owned business who cares for your car as much as you do!