We all love our cars, and we can understand why you want to ensure it looks in the best shape possible. While maintaining your car is essential, auto detailing will give it a complete makeover that can make it feel like you have a brand new car. Discover five different ways you can give your car the makeover you have dreamed of that can often make it surpass its original showroom appearance.

  • Restoration

Bring your car back to life by removing built-up oxidation on the headlights and tail lights. Not only will they look better, but your nighttime visibility will improve, making for increased safety. Repair those scratches, and ask about paintless dent repair to remove with those dents and dings.

Window tinting can give your car a great new look while providing the practical benefits of blocking up to 65% of the sun’s heat and 99.9% of UV rays that can fade your car’s interior. Look at getting this done professionally to ensure you have no bubbling, creases or peeling.

For a new eye-catching look to your car that can enhance its natural curves and lines, vinyl or hand painted pinstriping will make heads turn. High-end detailers will work with you to offer options and ideas, work with your design, and professionally apply it to your car.

  • Ceramic Coatings & Film Protection 

Whether you just purchased a new car or you have invested in a new paint job, it is essential to protect that investment. Ceramic coatings can provide a durable and reliable protective layer between the paint and the harsh environment. Paint protection film is another option to protect from abrasions, corrosion, debris, mud, and dirt.

  • Full Cleaning 

It is important not to forget about the interior of your car. A high end detailing service will go through every crevice, from gauges and instruments to the vents, handles and cup holders using professionally formulated cleaners and soft cleaning tools.

Pro Auto Spa is an auto detailing facility in Colorado Springs. For information on restoring your car to a perfect showroom appearance as well as adding new custom features, contact Pro Auto Spa.