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Some things are simply unavoidable. Hail damage is unfortunately one of those things, especially in a place like Colorado when the weather can turn quickly and without warning. Fortunately, repairing hail damage to your car can be done quickly and easily. With the help of a reputable dent repair shop, your car can be repaired to its pre-storm condition.

Pro Auto Spa is a leader in Paintless Dent Repair, and has been providing high-quality automotive hail repair and appearance service for over two decades. Pro Auto Spa, located in Colorado Springs, CO, is family-owned and insurance approved. We make the paperwork process of restoring your car after a damaging hailstorm seem relatively painless.

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ARC Certified hail repair master technician at Pro Auto Spa in Colorado Springs

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Our hail damage repair process begins with a free assessment of the hail-damaged vehicle. Your insurance adjustor will work with our estimators to differentiate between pre-existing damage, also know as UPD (unrelated prior damage) and current hail damage. Keep in mind, when your vehicle undergoes the hail damage repair process, our technicians may clean up minor pre-existing damage as well.

If we find that your vehicle has extensive pre-existing damage, we will be more than happy to assist you by writing a separate estimate for this repair. From your initial visit to picking up your vehicle, we always help our guests every step of the way!

Hail Repair along the Front Range of Colorado

Pro Auto Spa is a local company in Colorado Springs, not a pop-up company that sets up shop for a few weeks to take advantage of hail storms.

We offer deductible Assistance for Hail Repair! Come by to see if your repair qualifies.  We caution you to steer clear of companies that offer “zero out of pocket” and “free rental cars”. Many times this means that they will cut corners somewhere else (like reduced quality of repair) to be able to pay for that! Be really careful!

You’ll never need to worry about that with Pro Auto Spa! WE GUARANTEE our work! You’re 100% covered!

We know you will not find a better way to restore your car or truck after it’s damaged by hail. We have invested heavily in the Colorado Springs area. If you are looking for hail repair, look no further than Pro Auto Spa to serve your needs.

We pledge to always be up front and honest about cost. You can count on it!

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We have extensive experience handling all types of hail claims with these insurance companies and beyond. We’ll handle all the paperwork! Guaranteed.

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