Ceramic coatings for cars are known to form a strong bond with the clear coat on a vehicle’s paintwork. As a result of this chemical reaction, ceramic car coatings last for a very long time. How will you actually know when a coating starts to wear off and needs replacing?

Signs that your ceramic coat is wearing thin

When your clear coat starts to wear off, it is difficult not to notice. The clear coat separates from the paint job with a visible peeling effect. That does not happen with ceramic coating, however. When the nano-coating starts to wear thin, which will only occur after several years, the only way to notice it is not by what you see, but what you don’t see. Over time, you will start to see less and less of the ceramic coating’s benefits. The dirt-proof and hydrophobic effects will gradually begin to disappear. Dirt won’t be shed as easily and will start to stick to the paintwork with increasing tenacity. Moisture will no longer just bead and roll off. When you notice these things, especially as the protective power of the coat starts to deteriorate, you will need to reapply the coating soon. 

What to do when your ceramic coating starts to wear off

When you become aware of the signs that your ceramic coating is deteriorating, you should take your vehicle to a professional car detailing company, who will strip off what remains of the old coating and apply a new one that will keep your paintwork safe for many more years to come.

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