Headlight & Tail Light Restoration Services
– Colorado Springs

There are an abundance of manufactured products and plenty of home remedies out there claiming to have the ability to properly clean your vehicle’s oxidized headlights or tail lights. Have you tried them? If so, and you’re reading this, you probably already know that they really don’t work.

As simple as this job may seem, it’s best to leave it to the professionals. Solid cleaners are abrasive and only do more harm than good.

Headlight restoration at Pro Auto Spa in Colorado Springs

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If it comes in a can, tube, or in a cream form, paste or powder, it is probably NOT non-abrasive and will only cloud your headlight’s UV layer of protection even more. Oxidized, cloudy headlights are not only unsightly and make your vehicle look dingy and dirty, but they can also be dangerous, especially when driving at night.

Did you know that according to studies, we lose 30% of our vision and depth perception when driving at night? Fortunately, helping to increase your nighttime visibility, and to make driving safer for you and your family, is as easy as calling Pro Auto Spa, serving all areas along the Front Range.

We also do Windshield and Mirror Repair and Replacement.

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