If someone had to ask you, “what is the dirtiest part of your car?” the answer undoubtedly would be “the wheels!” Hire professionals to clean your wheels instead of neglecting them during routine washes. In fact, car detailing experts always recommend cleaning the tires and wheels first to get all the grime off. Keeping the wheels clean makes aesthetic and practical sense. Pro Spa Auto, experts in car detailing, restorative, and protective services in Colorado Springs, explains how their detailers care for your tires and wheels.

Will professional car detailers wash wheels?

Our car detailing experts begin by using a high pressure hot water spray to rinse off loose dirt and grime from the wheels and its components. Next, they apply a strong degreaser all over the wheel that loosens any residual brake dust or grime that is still present. For really stubborn wheel stains, we use wheel acid. At this time, they also spray high-quality wheel/tire cleaners on the inside surfaces, which we scrub off with various sizes and shapes of brushes. Our detailers thoroughly clean the rims, lug nuts and valve stems. This process surpasses a vast majority of DIY washing at home.

What wheel protective coating do car detailers apply?

Next, our detailers apply a sealant that gives the wheels a polished look, along with durability and protection for months. In certain instances, we also apply an aerosol spray that restores and protects the wheels and its components.

At this time, you might consider upgrading to a ceramic coating on your wheels to protect the finish for an additional one to two years, depending on your specific driving conditions. This extra step makes keeping your wheels clean and shiny much easier. 

If you have any curb rash or other dings on your wheels, this is a great time to consider a wheel repair service from Pro Auto Spa to restore the original look.

Another service to consider is a powder coating to give your rims a custom look with thousands of colors to choose from.

Will professional car detailers clean wheel wells?

At Pro Spa Auto, we know how important it is to clean the wheel wells. Our expert detailers use a pressure washer to initially clean the wheel well after which residual dirt or mud is removed manually.

How do professional car detailers clean brake calipers?

Our professional chemical cleaners and high pressure hot water jets typically clean the calipers very well. 

For more information on how Pro Spa Auto’s professionals clean rims and wheels, contact us today!