Want to know how to prep your car for ceramic coating? If you are ready to apply a ceramic coat to your car’s paint, you need to know how to do the prep work for optimal bonding and to prevent scratches, residue, and imperfections. Here are some tips to prep your car for ceramic coating to get the most out of this amazing product.

Step 1: Decontamination Car Wash

The first step is to ensure your car is properly cleaned with all layers of dirt and debris thoroughly removed. For optimal bonding, your car needs to be washed with wax-free cleaners, such as soap with no harsh chemicals and microfiber towels. It’s best to have your car auto detailed by professionals to ensure that all surface contaminants are removed properly. If this step isn’t done correctly, your ceramic coating application may not bond, and you’ll have wasted your time and money.

Step 2: Surface Decontamination of Iron Particles

Surface contaminants of iron particles can become trapped under the surface of your paint if you don’t have it properly removed before a ceramic coating is applied. A proper Clay Bar process will remove these contaminants and prevent your vehicle’s paint from becoming damaged. Use a clay bar or  clay mitt for this. Professionals such as Pro Auto Spa can have surface decontamination of iron particles done safely and quickly for you.

Step 3: Paint Correction

Paint correction is necessary to remove scratches and other unsightly marks prior to applying ceramic coating. You don’t want these imperfections locked under the ceramic coat. The paint correction needs to be done by a professional as it is not an easy task and if not done correctly, it can lead to damage to the paintwork of your car. 

Step 4: Panel Wipe

Once paint correction and contaminants have been removed, you need to spray, polish, and wipe down the exterior of your car with alcohol to ensure that any remaining dirt or marks are fully removed. Use a microfiber towel to avoid swirl marks.

Pro Auto Spa’s Professional Ceramic Coating

You may be wondering how long it takes to protect your car with Ceramic Coating in Colorado Springs at Pro Auto Spa. In general, it will take 3-5 days for all the prep work, paint correction, decontamination, coating, and the environmentally-controlled curing process.

Find the professionals best to prep your car for ceramic coating in Colorado Springs – contact Pro Auto Spa today. We are your local, family-owned professional auto spa who cares about your car as much as you do!