No matter the time of year, whether it’s a classic Colorado snowstorm, hail storm, or the blistering summer heat, weather conditions can lead to a plethora of aesthetic and mechanical issues for your vehicle. Here are some simple ways to protect your car from the weather.

Maintaining your vehicle in the winter months

Winter weather has no mercy and can really take a toll on your vehicle if you don’t follow proper winter maintenance tips. Salt and magnesium chloride may help with traction on the road, but it also eats away at your car’s finish and metals over time. To prevent this, it needs to be washed off regularly. Waxing your car before winter hits is a good idea, too, as wax provides a buffer between your car’s paint and the elements. Even better would be a professional sealing, which protects your car better and lasts longer. The best and longest-lasting protection is Ceramic Coating.

As wet boots carry more dirt and sand into your car during our snowy winter months, it’s highly recommended to regularly vacuum and shampoo your car’s interior carpeting. A build-up of sand will quickly break down the carpet fibers in the floor of your car.

Also, car cooling systems still have to work hard in severe weather, so keep an eye on your cooling system in winter, too.

Protecting your vehicle from the heat

Your car spends a lot of time in direct sunlight, and the same way you need sunblock, your car needs protection too. Make sure to park in the shade and use a sunshade on your windshield to keep your interior from drying and cracking.

However, it’s not just the exterior and the interior of your car that you should be concerned about, the engine and battery can suffer in the heat too. Make sure to check your cooling system and coolant levels to prevent overheating.

At Pro Auto Spa, we know how to keep your vehicle looking and running great through every season. Protect your car this season with a professional ceramic coating from Pro Auto Spa with Crystal Serum Ultra, or treat it to a full auto detailing to give it that showroom shine.

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