Among the common questions we get asked is whether auto scratch repairs are covered by insurance. 

Most insurance policies will cover scratches on a car, provided the damage is probably the result of a collision or vandalism. If your car has accumulated scratches over the years, and you’re not sure where they came from, you might have difficulty getting your insurance company to pay your claim. If the damage is determined to be your fault, your insurance company definitely won’t accept your claim. On the other hand, if another motorist scrapes your car in the supermarket parking lot, or someone takes a key to your vehicle for some reason, this is the kind of damage that your policy should cover. 

Consider your deductible when claiming for auto scratch repair

If you bring your car in for scratch repair after a collision or act of vandalism, remember that you will be required to pay a deductible if you claim from insurance. Depending on the damage and the provisions of your policy, your deductible can be anywhere from a nominal amount to a few thousand dollars. If the damage to your car is less than your deductible, it isn’t worth filing a claim. In that case, it is better to cover the cost of repair yourself.  

What kind of policy do you have?

Another critical factor is the kind of coverage you bought when you took your insurance policy. A basic policy may not cover scratches, while ‘other-than-collision’ coverage, collision coverage, or full coverage will most likely provide for your scratch repair.

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