Hopefully, you can avoid severe hail damage during the coming stormy season. However, if you can’t, your first question will be, “Does insurance cover hail damage?” If prevention proves to be impossible, you need to know that you may be able to fix the damage without too much impact on your finances, and that the insurance premiums you’ve been paying for years can actually be put to good use.

Hail damage falls under comprehensive coverage

Many people have tried to claim from insurance for hail damage repair, only to find themselves frustrated and disappointed when their claim is declined. This usually happens because they didn’t include comprehensive coverage in their insurance policy. Whether or not hail damage repair is covered by insurance generally depends on whether or not you have comprehensive coverage. This kind of insurance protects your vehicle from damages that occurred from events other than collision, be it weather or vandalism. Hail damage falls within this category. If you don’t have comprehensive coverage, you will probably have to bear the costs for repairs yourself. Comprehensive coverage is optional if your car is fully paid off, but many lenders require it when you have a loan on your car or it is leased. In any case, it is generally recommended if the car is worth more than $3,000 or less than ten years old. Comprehensive coverage cost can vary greatly depending on two primary factors – the value of your car and the deductible you choose. 

The important thing to ensure now, before the stormy season starts, is that you have comprehensive coverage and that weather damage costs will be provided for. If you don’t have comprehensive coverage, it is probably worth upgrading now. You should discuss your options with your insurance agent before the next storm. 

If you do have proper coverage, Pro Auto Spa is happy to work with you and your insurer by providing cost estimates for any pending repair work. We can help with your repair and insurance claim process every step of the way. We hope you will support our local, family-owned business, Pro Auto Spa.

Pro Auto Spa is an auto appearance shop serving the community of Colorado Springs and surrounding communities. We specialize in providing expert paint protection and appearance services, from ceramic coating to paintless dent repair. Now that you know the answer to the question, “Does insurance cover hail damage?,” contact us for your upcoming hail damage repairs.