As a car owner, we are sure you have asked yourself the question, ‘Is car detailing worth it?’ High-end car owners know it is one of the most effective routine ways to keep your car looking as good as new. Our trained experts at Pro Auto Spa focus on every part of your car, inside and out, to give a squeaky clean vehicle at the end of the detailing process. Read on to find out some of the benefits of car detailing.

The cleanest car you’ve ever had

If you have ever found your car dirty, chances are you have paid your nephew or a neighbor’s kid to give it a thorough wash. But this wash may leave swirl marks or crumbs under the seat. But you get what you pay for, right? However, having a car detailing service at a professional detail shop such as Pro Spa Auto ensures your car looks as good as the first day you laid your eyes on it.

Professional car detailers can remove scratches, tiny dents and swirl marks on the paint job. They can eliminate any dullness in the paint, making it look brand new. Finally, experts apply a layer of professional-grade sealant for added sheen and protection that holds up better than your typical wax.

But it’s not just about the exterior. Car detailing includes a deep clean of your upholstery no matter what the finish. For leather upholstery, a conditioner is applied to keep the surface soft and protected. For softer upholstery, the detailing process involves shampooing to remove stains and dirt.

High resale value

According to experts from the Car Care Council, it is recommended to invest in car detailing, especially if you have a vehicle valued at over $40,000 to preserve and sometimes increase its resale value. Some experts believe that a car detailed on the inside and out can receive up to 15% above the average resale value for a similar year, make, and model car.

Detailing your car and having professional paint correction done before selling it can ensure all nicks, stains and scratches are removed, leaving the vehicle in pristine condition. If you have just invested in a new vehicle, it is recommended to send it in for regular car detailing to increase its resale value and sell it within the first 5 to 7 years.

Eliminates foul odors and germs

The first step to removing odors is shampooing carpets to extract all the accumulated dirt and grime using a vacuum and hot water. This can be especially useful if you have just bought a used car or if your car interior smells musty.  

As a car owner, you may be guilty of eating food and dropping crumbs while driving, leading to the growth of bacteria or other microorganisms. This may not be a health hazard immediately, but combining it with a moist environment can lead to mold and odors that may permeate through the car. This is particularly applicable during Colorado winter and springtime when we have the combination of melting snow from our shoes and not having fresh air inside.

Car detailing includes a deep clean of your upholstery no matter what the finish.

Car detailing at Pro Auto Spa

The following processes are part of Pro Auto Spa’s detailing process:


  1.     Shampooing of upholstery, carpets and mats
  2.     Leather treatment
  3.     Sunroofs and windows
  4.     Dashboard, instruments and gauges
  5.     Door handles and fixtures
  6.     Mirrors and consoles
  7.     Seat tracks and door jambs


  1.     Snow foam bath
  2.     Clay bar cleaning
  3.     Wheels and wheel wells
  4.     Chrome polishing
  5.     Sealant
  6.     Mirrors and glass surfaces

After a professional car detail, you might also consider keeping that shine with a ceramic coating.

For more information on professional car detailing and understanding if it is worth it, contact Pro Auto Spa today! We are a local, family-owned business here in Colorado Springs and we love your cars like our own!