“How long does ceramic coating take?”

This is probably the most common question any car detailer is asked concerning ceramic coats. It’s also one for which there is no single answer for all projects. The actual application of a specific ceramic car coating will generally take a fixed amount of time-based on the size of the vehicle, so we can easily answer that. However, that is only one part of the process. There are several other factors that we consider when determining how long it will take between the time when you drop off your car at our shop and the moment when you can pick it up in its beautifully made-over state:

  • Paint Chips
  • Paint Scratches & Swirls
  • Surface Area to be Treated

The secret to quality ceramic coating is in the preparation

The only way we can really tell how long it will take us to complete a ceramic coating job is by seeing the current condition of your paintwork. Will we need to detail it thoroughly before we do the coating? There is no point in applying a ceramic coat if your car is covered in scratches. We recommend doing paint correction and scratch repair before applying the nano-coat. We also give the vehicle a thorough decontamination wash before we start. Depending on the existing condition of your paintwork, all of this can take several days’ time. After that, the application of the coat takes just a few hours – but then we need to keep it indoors in an environmentally controlled space for 24 hours to allow it to cure properly. 

When all is said and done, you can expect your car to spend a total of three to five days in the shop when you bring it in for a ceramic coating. 

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