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Meet the Pro Auto Spa Family!

Pro Auto Spa is a family run operation proudly employing highly talented professionals ranging from office support to estimators and auto appearance technicians.

Ryan Smith, Owner, PDR
Ryan, has been practicing his trade since 1997. He has done dent work in 14 states, as well as Australia. Ryan has professionally trained many individuals with the desire to learn PDR. As a result, Ryan’s skills have been honed and fine-tuned as a professional PDR instructor. Since, that time Ryan has had the opportunity to exhibit his talent working with dealerships, body shops, and retail customers. Most recently, Ryan has specialized repairing hail damaged cars both domestically and internationally. He is very skilled at removing damage that other paintless dent repair shops said could not be repaired with this method.

Did you know?
First Car: Ryan’s first car was a 1982 Toyota pickup
Favorite Food: Mexican
Unique Fact: I have worked on a number of celebrities cars including Jerry Seinfeld, Dennis Hopper, Anson Williams, Debbie Rowe
Dream Vacation: Pacific Island cruise with my sweetheart
Music: 80’s music
Hobbies: Basketball, cooking

Joanna Smith, Owner, Estimator
Joanna began detailing cars with Ryan in 1996. She has been associated with Pro Auto Spa since it’s inception in 1997. She began actively working as the office manager and hail estimator in August 2013 when Pro Auto Spa upgraded from a mobile operation to a brick and mortar shop. She also manages the social media sites and works with Ryan to find ways to grow the Pro Auto Spa brand.

Did you know?
First Car: Joanna’s first car was an early 1990’s model Hyundai Accent, that was totaled only hours after driving it off the dealer lot.(not her fault)
Favorite Food: Mexican
Unique Fact: Mom of four
Dream Vacation: A cruise to anywhere because I don’t have to cook, clean or make my bed!
Music: Instrumental piano
Hobbies: Watching my kids play sports

Debbie Hunt, Office Manager/Estimator

Debbie is our front office manager and has over thirty years of experience in the body shop industry. Although our main services involve paintless dent repair, due to her vast amount of experience, we are able to take on additional repairs such as small bumper repair or replacement, some minor collision jobs, and severe hail jobs that require conventional work as well. Debbie is able to write very accurate estimates for both PDR and conventional work. Just as most body shops would call aPDR company to repair the hail, we work with several area body shops to repair or replace panels that are severely damaged.

Did you know?
First Car: 1966 gold Ford Mustang
Favorite Food: Italian
Unique Fact:  Only great-grandma working at Pro Auto Spa
Dream Vacation: Hawaii
Music: Sinatra
Hobbies: She enjoys spending time with her husband going to classic car shows, traveling in their RV and collecting antiques.

Samantha Smith, Human Resources/AR/AP

Samantha has been with Pro Auto Spa since 2014. She has worked in Office Administration since 2001 in the auto and construction industries. She is a Certified Administrative Assistant. She just earned her Associates degree and is working on her Bachelors degree as well!

Did you know?
First Car: Her first car was an 84 Bronco II
Favorite Food: Salmon, cheese, potatoes
Unique Fact:  I have been collecting dragons since I was eight years old
Dream Vacation: Travel on a castle tour the UK and Europe. And get lost in Ireland and Wales in all the pretty off tourist spots along the way
Music: Most all of it depending on my mood. From classical instrumental to metal
Hobbies: Reading, sewing, puzzles

Jow Knowles, Estimator

Joe has worked in the auto service industry since 2012 and has been with Pro Auto Spa since October 2014.

Did you know?
First Car: 1999 Mitsubishi Eclipse
Favorite Food: Mozzarella sticks and all Japanese, specifically Tatsuta
Unique Fact:  Loves babies and young children and it is very important to Joe is that he gets to be a role model for his younger brothers
Dream Vacation: All over Japan, Canada, and Ireland
Music: A little bit of everything. Classic rock, Sinatra, and Classical piano
Hobbies: Family and both playing and watching soccer

Nicklaus Gore, R&I Tech/Detailer

Nick has been in the auto service industry since 2010. He has detailed cars at luxury dealerships like Mercedes, Maserati, and Porsche. His detail work is incredible! He has been with Pro Auto Spa since April 2015.

Did you know?
First Car: 2007 Pontiac Grand Prix
Favorite Food: Hot wings
Unique Fact:  For four years I ran 360 days a year! Only 20 days off!
Dream Vacation: Dubai
Music: Hip Hop
Hobbies: I have played golf since I was 3
Favorite Teams: I am a HUGE Kansas City Chiefs and Royals fan

Robert Lyons, Paintless Dent Repair Technician

Robert started working in the auto appearance industry in 1997 where he detailed cars during the off-season when he wasn’t commercial crab fishing in Alaska. He worked on a sister ship of the Cornelia Marie from the hit series, Deadliest Catch! He began doing paintless dent repair in 2000 and has been repairing hail-damaged cars as a “storm chaser” since 2001 covering more than 17 states. Robert joined Pro Auto Spa in May 2015 because he was tired of being on the road and wanted to work in his home state of Colorado.

Did you know?
First Car: 1999 Ford Mustang
Favorite Food: Chipotle
Unique Fact:  Robert was a crab fisherman in Alaska
Dream Vacation: Swiss Alps
Music: Country
Hobbies: Working out and shooting

Ryan Manske, Paintless Dent Repair Technician

Manske has been with Pro Auto Spa since October 2014 and offers 25+ years in automotive repair. Specialties include:

• Paintless dent repair
• Fiberglass and plastic repair
• Automotive refinishing (PPG™ Certified)
• Mig welding
• Taught auto body repair during 2006 – 2007 at Pikes Peak Community College

Did you know?
Favorite Food: Mexican, I could eat it every day
Unique Fact:  I guess I got everything I ever wanted out of my life. I could die happy. I don’t think many people could genuinely say that.
Dream Vacation: Disneyland with my family
Music: I like a little from all genres and I hate a little from all genres
Hobbies: Hanging out with my kids. I used to like skiing when I was younger and would like to teach my kids.

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