No matter how carefully you drive, you are unlikely to avoid picking up a few chips and dents in your car’s paintwork. The only solution is to have access to expert paint chip repair providers who can make the damage disappear and restore your vehicle to its former beauty.  

Expert paint chip repair

Pro Auto Spa is a local, family-owned company in Colorado Springs. We provide expert scratch, dent, and chip repair, as well as auto glass repair, to help you remove those small, subtle signs of road wear from your vehicle. We can easily remove superficial chips and scratches in a few hours and can take care of deeper ones in less than a day. We provide high-quality repair for most makes of cars and get you back on the road as soon as possible with absolutely no sign that there were any chips in the first place.

Protect your vehicle against rock chips

You can also take a more proactive approach and protect your vehicle from picking up chips in the first place. Keep your car’s paint job in pristine condition with a paint protection film, also known as clear bra. It is virtually invisible and will not change the look of your vehicle in any way. Clear bra is a revolutionary paint protection system that will guard against rock chips as well as chemical abrasions, stains from plants and insects, keying, and curbside scuffing. It even protects your bumpers, mirrors, and headlights.

For more information on paint chip repair and paint protection treatments in the Denver and Colorado Springs areas, contact Pro Auto Spa.