There are times when you are dealing with light, superficial scratches on your car that professional auto scratch repair may not be necessary. Simple paint chip repair might be all you need. There are also plenty of DIY hacks you can use to lessen the appearance of a scratch, but please remember that none of them is a substitute for proper scratch repair, especially if you are dealing with major damage that has penetrated the clear coat and paintwork. That said, if you have a couple of minor scratches, you might want to try one of the following:

Touch-up paint

If you can get a touch-up kit that matches your car’s paintwork, this is probably the easiest and most reliable fix. Use your car’s VIN number to find the kit that will work for you. Go to your dealer with your VIN, and they will sell you the appropriate touch-up kit. The kits usually come with a pen applicator which enables you to cover up the chip or scratch with a relatively high level of precision.

Household hacks

There are several common household items that can yield impressive results with your car’s chips and scratches. Toothpaste is quite abrasive and can be effective at smoothing out a small chip that hasn’t penetrated too deeply. Nail polish and shoe polish might also work, but in those cases, you need to ensure that the color matches that of your car as closely as possible. These inexpensive hacks can work quite well as long as you are only dealing with small, relatively shallow scratches.

Go to a professional car detailing facility

If you don’t want to take any chances with your car’s paintwork or your scratches are too long or deep to be covered with these home fixes, the best thing to do is to go to a professional auto detailing shop. It takes a bit more time and expense, but it will be well worth it. The kits used by the professionals repair the chip or scratch through multiple layers, including the undercoat, the paintwork and the clear coat. The scratch will completely disappear once the job is done.

For more information on restoring your car to showroom appearance through treatments like ceramic coatings, dent repair or paint chip repair, contact Pro Auto Spa.