If your car sustains hail damage, you will need a hail damage car repair estimate for your insurance. Sometimes, paintless dent repair in Colorado may be your best option, depending on the extent of the hail damage.

Here in Colorado Springs, we have a lot of hail – a car’s worst enemy. In fact, in 2018/2019 we had 111 reports of hail with hailstones up to 4 inches in diameter. So, when it comes to hail damage repairs, we know exactly what we are doing.

When you bring a hail-damaged car into our auto detailing shop, our technicians will assess the damage first and check to see if the hail has caused cracks in your paintwork. If the factory finish has been damaged, you may have to replace body panels as cracked paint can lead to rust. In general, hailstones don’t cause paint damage, so most cases of hail damage can be repaired with paintless dent repair (PDR).

Take note of your windshield after a hailstorm. Even if that damage appears minimal, it is best to have it repaired quickly.  Those small cracks can grow into bigger ones if you leave them, and that will affect your road safety. Complete replacement of the windshield is often recommended when the hail damage is severe.

How Can Hail Damage To Your Car Be Fixed?

PDR technicians repair hail dents by accessing the dent from behind the panel. They then use specialized tools to flatten the dent. This method may require temporary removal of panels and moldings. The other method involves pulling the dent back into position with a gripping tool.

PDR is often the best treatment for hail damage since hail can leave visible damage that reduces your automobile’s value without damaging its structure. When a storm leaves your car with small dents, dings or major damage to repair, Pro Auto Spa will give you honest advice about what you need, an estimate to discuss with your insurance company, and high-quality repairs so that your automobile retains its value.

Get in touch with Pro Auto Spa for your hail damage car repair estimate without delay.