When you experience hail damage, paintless dent repair is a reliable method to restore your vehicle to its original condition. Our dent removal experts at Pro Auto Spa can help you with an effective, non-invasive, alternative for removing minor dents and unsightly dings from your car. Read more about our paintless dent repair and hail damage repair options below.

Pro Auto Spa’s Paintless Dent Repair

Pro Auto Spa has paintless dent repair technicians who can easily repair dents and dings caused by hail and minor accidents. Our repair technique includes getting underneath or behind the metal to massage the dents back to normal. We may remove parts of the vehicle, such as the hood, and place it on a special stand to work the dent from both sides and remove the dents within a reasonable time frame.

What makes paintless dent repair unique in contrast to traditional body shop repairs is that regular repairs will most often need to be repainted. Paintless dent repair is also safer than regular body shop repairs as it does not include toxic chemicals and products. Body shop repairs also take a long time to complete in comparison with paintless dent repair (a typical, small dent can take less than a day to repair).

Pro Auto Spa’s Paintless Dent Repair

Why choose Pro Auto Spa’s paintless dent repair for hail damage?

We are ready when hail storms happen and have certified technicians available to handle even the most severe cases of hail in your area. Some of the benefits of choosing our paintless dent repair for hail damage include:

  • Pro Auto Spa has successfully serviced thousands of cars to satisfied customers for over two decades.
  • Our certified technicians use the latest techniques and specialty equipment to restore the damaged area.
  • With body shop repairs taking weeks or even months to complete, our paintless dent repair can reduce the time needed for your repair, having you fixed up and back on the road in no time.
  • We make the paperwork process of restoring your car after a damaging hailstorm as painless as possible.

Pro Auto Spa’s easy paintless dent repair process

  • Our hail damage repair process begins with a free assessment of the hail-damaged vehicle. 
  • Our estimators will differentiate between pre-existing damage, also known as UPD (unrelated prior damage), and current hail damage. 
  • When your vehicle undergoes the hail damage repair process, our technicians may clean up minor pre-existing damage as well.

Give Pro Auto Spa a call for paintless dent repair and hail damage repair today! You’ll be glad you did!