Paintless dent repair (PDR) is the technique trained professionals use to get rid of minor dents on a car. Scratches do not affect the actual bodywork of your car and so, with the right polishes, touch-ups and tools, they can easily be removed, but what about dents? Surely they can’t be removed so easily? Well, PDR is not exactly easy. It requires the right tools in the right hands and can be time-consuming, but it does remove dents very effectively. How does it work?

PDR – a massage for your car

PDR might be described as a gentler, smaller-scale version of the kind of auto body work that gets done on a car after a major collision. It is a method of reshaping the panel from the inside, without any need to fill or cover the damage with paint. We use specialized tools and procedures to press and massage the panel from behind the dent, bringing the metalwork back to its original shape.

The technician slowly and carefully manipulates precise locations on the metal, using rods and body picks. The job is often done in stages, slowly pushing the dent out and making the metal smooth again.  

PDR is quicker and less expensive than other dent repair methods. It actually removes the dent and restores the metal to its original shape. It is the best method to use on small dents resulting from common causes such as hail damage or shopping carts in the supermarket parking lot. It is an expert procedure that involves a skilled technician using specialized tools. PDR is an established, effective repair technique that is approved by all leading car manufacturers. It maintains the value of your car, is suitable for any size dent and doesn’t affect your paintwork.

If your car has suffered a few knocks resulting from a collision, hail damage, or any other cause, bring it to Pro Auto Spa. We are a professional, full-service auto detailing facility in Colorado Springs, and our paintless dent repair technicians will soon have your car looking like new. Contact us for more information.