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PDR, as it’s known, is a quick, non-invasive, economical alternative for removing minor dents and unsightly dings from your car caused by hail, runaway shopping carts, cars and other minor catastrophes.


Scratches, creases, some larger dents, and even plastic bumpers can easily be repaired by our trained and highly-skilled Paintless Dent Repair technicians, saving you the aggravation, expense, and the time that traditional auto body repair typically demands. Paintless dent removal and repair is the technique of getting underneath the metal to massage the dents back to normal. This typically requires parts of the vehicle to be uninstalled or removed, such as removing the hood of your vehicle to place it onto a special stand to allow the metal to be accessed more freely.


Body shop repairs would normally require bondo, fillers, and painting to be done. This does not fix the damage to your car, but rather it simply hides the damage to your car. Paintless dent repair is far safer, and does not require the chemicals and products that a body shop would need. On top of that, typical repair times at a body shop could take days or even weeks and longer.

Aside from hail damage repair situations, a typical small dent or door ding or even something large can be repaired within a day. In the event of hail damage, most body shops will keep your vehicle for weeks and maybe even a month. With a paintless dent repair shop, that same repair is more often about one week instead.

Pro Auto Spa has been servicing satisfied customers for over two decades, beautifying the appearance of thousands of cars. Because we care about your car as much as you do, our certified technicians use only the latest techniques and specialty equipment to blend the damaged area and match the look, feel and texture of your car’s current paint. After we’re finished, your car will look like that ding was never there.

If your car has suffered a ding or minor dent, Pro Auto Spa should be your next stop. Call us today or just stop by the shop and we’ll have you fixed up and back on the road in no time.

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