Are you looking to get your car windows tinted? Let us tell you – window tinting is so much more than a cosmetic application. It offers several practical benefits such as comfort, protection and functionality to your vehicle. Did you know window tinting can block up to 88% of the sun’s UV rays? Our Xpel films all block over 99% of the UV rays of the sun.  

Pro Auto Spa outlines the advantages of getting your windows tinted.

Can protect upholstery

Your car’s upholstery can fade with prolonged exposure to the sun and heat. What is worse is that as the upholstery is not exposed uniformly, it ends up with unsightly patches that make your interiors look unappealing.

If you have leather upholstery, the exposure to the sun dries out the natural oils that keep it soft and flexible, leaving it dry and damaged. Vinyl upholstery, too, ends up with cracks when exposed to extreme heat, reducing its lifespan substantially.

Therefore, tinting your windows with high-quality tints such as those from Pro Auto Spa blocks harmful UV rays and prevents spots, fading, cracks and other damage to your upholstery.

Protects you from solar heat

Did you know 1 in 5 Americans may develop skin cancer in their lifetime? One of the highest risk factors contributing to this unfortunate scenario is unprotected exposure to harmful UV radiation. Have you ever got into a car after a long day at work and realized how hot the steering wheel is? This can be easily lessened by tinting your windows to reject extreme solar heat, protecting you and your interiors effectively.

There is nothing more uncomfortable than driving in a hot car. In peak summers, your air conditioning will have to work much harder if you do not have tinted windows. This results in wear and tear on your A/C system, adversely affecting your mileage and eating into your energy savings. An overworked A/C compressor will have a shorter lifespan, and these are often very expensive to replace in modern cars.

As driving in a vehicle with tinted windows reduces the amount of sunlight entering the vehicle, it reduces glare and improves visibility and driving performance as well.

Improved privacy and security

A car without tinted windows can be more susceptible to smash-and-grabs and break-ins. The probability of this increases when there are valuables easily visible to would-be intruders. Therefore, having tinted windows can ensure shady characters cannot see into your car, improving security significantly. Even though most window tinting cannot stop strong blows or bullets, it is sufficient to provide an extra layer of security that prevents your window glass from shattering.

It’s not just celebrities who need their privacy. Nobody enjoys people looking into their homes or cars. Tinting your vehicle’s windows keeps prying eyes away, creating a little private bubble that keeps you safe and comfortable.

Overall, tinting your vehicle’s windows can protect your interiors, safeguard your health, and improve safety and privacy. Pro Auto Spa can apply window tinting to any vehicle – cars, limos, semi-trucks, RVs and even boats. We are authorized installers of XPEL film, and we recommend XPEL PRIME XR PLUS that comes with multi-layer nanoparticle technology and delivers superior performance while enhancing your car’s look.

If you are looking to enjoy these benefits of window tinting, contact Pro Auto Spa today!