We are still quite a ways away from summer. If you haven’t got the help of auto detailing professionals, or taken proper winter vehicle protection steps, the winter weather will probably wreck havoc with your car’s appearance and even mechanical components. Snowy and icy weather at this time of year is a fact of life for those of us who live in Colorado, and it’s something that we all learn to live with. That includes keeping your car protected from ice, snow, sand, and road chemicals as winter hits its peak. Here are four things you can do to protect your vehicle against the elements for what remains of this winter, as well as in snowy seasons to come.

1. Wash your car regularly

Aside from ice and snow, another major threat to your car’s appearance is the salt used to keep our roads safe during the winter. Salt is corrosive, and if it settles on your car, together with moisture, it will bind to the metal and cause rust to form. To prevent this, give your car a thorough washing regularly – preferably with the aid of professionals. On a sunny day, go to a carwash with a good drying facility to ensure that water doesn’t ice on the vehicle. Also, ask for the undercarriage of the car to be washed. The underside of your vehicle can pick up a lot of salt as you travel, and the metal components are particularly vulnerable to corrosion.

2. Film protection

The application of a paint protection film is preferably something that should be done before winter starts, but it’s never too late. An auto detailing facility like Pro Auto Spa will apply a protection film, also known as Clear Bra, which will protect your paintwork against all threats, including ice and salt damage. Together with regular washing, Clear Bra will help your car withstand even the coldest winters.

3. Wax your vehicle

If you choose not to get paint protection film, regular waxing is advisable. When your car is waxed, snow and other winter debris will not be able to adhere to the paintwork, so there is a reduced risk of corrosion and rust. However, wax does wear off, so you will need to reapply at regular intervals throughout the winter. Sealants, Film or ceramic coating offer more sustainable protection.

4. Park indoors or use a car cover

The best way to reduce your car’s exposure to snow and ice is to keep it parked in a garage. If this is not possible, then consider using a cover. Even if you can park indoors when at home, you will probably still have to use outdoor parking lots at other locations that you regularly visit, so keep a cover handy. Putting on and removing the cover can be a pain though, so again, it would be advisable to consider paint protection film or ceramic coating as an alternative.

Pro Auto Spa is a complete auto detailing facility in Colorado Springs, and we would be happy to make your car winterproof. Contact us or pay us a visit at our auto detailing workshop, and ask us about our winter vehicle protection measures.