Ceramic coating has become increasingly popular over the years in Colorado. Accidents and unpredictable weather conditions are unfortunate occurrences that occur every day, leaving vehicle owners stressed over the damage to their vehicle’s appearance. If you’re one of the car owners that are experiencing these issues, you are probably looking for a long-term solution to protect your vehicle’s delicate paint. 

Whether you have a new or used car, you can rely on our elite auto finishing specialists to provide a ceramic coating that will offer reliable protection to your car’s delicate paint. Here’s a little more info on our ceramic coatings in Colorado Springs.

Why should you choose Pro Auto Spa’s professional ceramic coating?

Ceramic coating provides durable and reliable protection for your car’s paint against the harsh Colorado elements. The process involves a technique where a protective layer is applied to the vehicle’s paint that lasts for years. A quality ceramic coating product also requires less maintenance to clean and keep clean due to its hydrophobic nature. 

There are many benefits to choosing ceramic coating for your car. Some of the advantages of Pro Auto Spa’s ceramic coating include:

  • The first thing we do is give your car a decontamination wash to remove chemicals and impurities from the surface of your car. 
  • Next, we perform some level of paint correction depending on the condition of your car’s paintwork. This is an important step to execute correctly so that the paint layer underneath the ceramic coating looks great.
  • Ceramic Coating makes it significantly easier to keep your vehicle clean. 
  • The coating protects the car’s exterior from contaminants, particularly during our snowy winters in Colorado Springs.
  • Ceramic coatings last much longer than waxes or sealers. Waxes and sealers last months at best, whereas a professional ceramic coating should last many years.
  • It is more cost-effective in the long run as opposed to having your car washed and waxed more frequently while keeping your paint protected from the elements.

The rising popularity of Pro Auto Spa’s Ceramic Coating

Pro Auto Spa has been successfully providing clients in Colorado with professional ceramic coating for over five years. We achieved this by choosing an expert team of technicians and offering the best ceramic coating product line. Our level of expertise ensures that our clients get the most value for their money. Our preferred ceramic coating from Gtechniq, Crystal Serum Ultra (CSU), continues to be popular among the most discerning clients as it provides their vehicles with a high level of protection and hydrophobicity. CSU is known to leave any car’s exterior with a lasting shine and luxurious finish. 

Book a Free Evaluation with Pro Auto Spa

Are you ready to take your vehicle’s appearance to the next level? Try our ceramic coatings today! To schedule a free evaluation, you can give us a call or stop by our shop. We assist all of our clients by choosing ceramic coating options which will work best for their vehicle and needs. 

If you like what you see, we can get started as soon as possible. Pro Auto Spa does all the prep work, decontamination, paint correction, coating, and curing. Many people wonder how long it takes to do ceramic coating, and the correct answer is that it varies based on the current condition of your car’s paintwork. In general, our ceramic coating service usually takes 3-5 days. 

To book a free evaluation for a ceramic coating option for your car, contact us today! We are a local, family-owned business in Colorado Springs.