Any scratch or chip on your car can reduce its aesthetic beauty and reduce its value. There are various products on the market that anyone can use when it comes to scratch removal, which does not require you to match the paint color of your car. Learn about fixing these minor scratches and what you can do with deeper scratches and paint chips.

Superficial Scratches

Superficial scratches are just on the surface layer and do not penetrate into your car’s clear coat or paint layer. These can often be fixed with various scratch removal products that will work with cars of any color.

  • Scratch Removal Compound 

Scratch removal compounds are an abrasive that you rub across the area of the scratch. Polishing the area may be required after applying the compound. Do not confuse this with polish compounds used to enhance shine and not fix scratches.

  • Scratch Removal Kits 

You can get all-in-one kits that include everything you need from compound to applicators and towels to fix minor scratches. These can make the process very simple.

  • Scratch Removal Cloths 

These cloths are made with new materials that can make scratch removal very easy. Simply wash your car and wipe the cloth across the surface area of the scratch. These can be applied on any color  of paint.

This is a delicate procedure that, if not done correctly, can cause worse damage to your car’s finish. If you are not comfortable doing these repairs on your own, bring your car to a detailer and have it done professionally.

Deep Scratches & Paint Chips

Deep scratches penetrate down to the primer coat of the car or even down to the metal. It is here that rust and corrosion can begin to develop. These deep scratches and large paint chips will require more time to repair and may need new paint applied to the area and is best done by professionals.

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