Taped and Hand Painted Pinstriping
in Colorado Springs

Enhance the natural curves and lines of your car with vinyl or hand-painted pinstriping accents to give it a stylish and eye-catching look like no other car on the road. You’ll turn heads at stoplights, even from the most discerning car enthusiasts.

Pro Auto Spa has earned a top-rated reputation for our custom automobile pinstriping services. We can pinstripe just about anything you own – motorcycles, trucks, boats, and recreational vehicles. Yes, even little red wagons. Bring it in!

pinstriping at Pro Auto Spa in Colorado Springs

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Car Hood with 2 tone

Pro Auto Spa offers custom car pinstriping options of either ultra-thin vinyl tape or the delicate artist’s touch of hand-painted styling. You don’t have to own a hotrod or custom car to give it the style and finishing touches that pinstriping can do and your car deserves. Pinstriping can even transform a granny car into a work of art. Challenge us!

We also offer Full Detailing Services to make the inside of your car look just as good as the outside.

Give your car the style it deserves. Visit Pro Auto Spa today and we’ll be happy to transform your car into a vision of beauty. Nothing looks as sharp as a pinstripe!

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