What do you expect when you take your car for detailing? For most people, detailing is little more than a thorough washing and wax job, but there is so much more to it than that. Car detailing and protection is like a spa treatment for your car. For real car enthusiasts, detailing is akin to the intensive restoration work that gallerists perform on great works of art. It is not just about cleaning your car; it can actually restore your vehicle to showroom condition, making it an object of pride. If you love your car, the best thing you can do for it, aside from keeping its engine in great condition, is to take it for some special care and attention at a professional detailing workshop.

Detailing consists of a full bouquet of services, from thorough cleaning of both the interior and exterior, to scratch repair and application of protective coatings. Read on for a complete guide to car detailing and protection.

Does car detailing include cleaning painted surfaces?

The starting point for car detailing is a detailed washing of the vehicle’s paintwork. We start with a thorough, luxurious snow foam bath that washes all dirt and grime off your clear coat. That is only the beginning of the treatment, however.

We also decontaminate exterior surfaces with a clay bar, thoroughly clean tires, wheels, mirrors, windows and other exterior features. After rinsing the car, we apply a durable sealant, which provides extra protection that will last for six months.

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Does car detailing include cleaning painted surfaces

How do professional detailers clean rims and tires?

Regular detailing of rims and tires not only makes your car look great but also protects your wheels, which is absolutely crucial for your safety. Professional detailers use several products and processes to make your wheels look like new. The products include a pH-neutral wheel cleaner, which is designed to prevent corrosion and premature aging. We also use a tire cleaner and a biodegradable degreaser. We finish off with a rim sealant and tire dressing. 

We start by spraying and degreasing the wheels and tires (making sure that they are cool to the touch before we start, as heat decreases the effectiveness of the degreaser). As the degreaser does its work, we brush the sidewalls of the tires and scrub the wheels down thoroughly with a wheel brush. We rinse them off with our hot water pressure washer.  Then, with a microfiber towel, we wipe and buff the wheels until they shine. We finish off with tire dressing, once the tires have dried completely.

Exterior Detail Snow Foam Foam

Things to know before you get a ceramic car coating

If you’re considering a full auto detail for your car, it’s a great time to consider finishing up with a professional ceramic coating to help maintain that shine for years to come. 

Ceramic coatings are an upgraded service in auto detailing, and it is a great option to include if you haven’t already protected your car with a professional coating. Ceramic coatings will keep your vehicle in gorgeous showroom condition for a long time, preventing swirl marks, stains, UV damage, and keeping dirt and grime at bay with a robust hydrophobic protective layer. Before you decide to have a ceramic coating applied to your car, be sure to know precisely what it is and what it can do for your car – as well as what it can’t do. 

Ceramic coatings are liquid polymers that bond chemically with a car’s paintwork, creating a very effective layer of protection. They are a premium alternative to wax and sealant, offering improved protective qualities and on a semi-permanent basis, meaning they don’t need to be reapplied as often as waxes  and sealants do. It is not a substitute for paint protection film, rather it is a complementary layer of protection with an added bonus of keeping that showroom-quality shine. As long as your vehicle’s paintwork is maintained properly, their protective qualities are considerable and will last for many years before you need to think about reapplication. 

Ceramic coatings offer the following benefits:

  • Protection against oxidation and UV damage
  • Protection from chemical stains
  • Hydrophobic layer for easy cleaning
  • Enhanced paintwork with a lasting, high gloss finish

That being said, a ceramic coating will not do any of the following:

  • Eliminate the risk of rock chips and scratches
  • Eliminate water spotting – some water droplets will still form on the surface of the coating and evaporate, leaving traces of dirt behind. However, the ceramic coating acts as a sacrificial layer, protecting the factory finish.  Water spot marks can still be removed from the ceramic coating. 
  • Ease of keeping your car’s exterior clean and free of damaging dirt particles. You will still need to clean the car regularly – you will find the job much easier, though.

How we prep your car for ceramic coating

It is very important to prepare your car thoroughly before applying a ceramic coating. Before the coat is applied, all contaminants must be washed off the paintwork. Ordinary washing will not remove all of the pollutants on the car, so we take it through a cleaning and preparation process before we apply the coat. This process includes the following steps:

  • A prewash rinse using a pressure washer. This removes the loose dirt on the surface of the paintwork.
  • A thorough wash, using the two-bucket system and high-quality, professional car cleaning product.
  • Decontamination using a clay bar.
  • Removal of industrial fallout with an iron removal product. 
  • A final rinse and inspection, before drying the vehicle with forced air. 

Do professional auto detailers clean windows & glass?

A professional detailer will include cleaning of windshields, windows, and mirrors as part of a comprehensive detail. Well-detailed glasswork adds to your car’s appearance with a beautiful glossy shine to match your freshly cleaned paintwork and polished wheels.

Glass detailing is also important from a safety perspective. Perfectly clean glass improves your driving ability, giving you a full, clear view of the road and any potential obstacles. With Colorado’s bright sun, even a little layer of haze on your car’s glass can severely impact vision. This can be particularly worse in the fall and winter months when the sun is lower in the sky. 

On the topic of Colorado’s blinding sun, you might also ask about window tinting when you have your car in for a detail.

Reasons to have Your Car’s Interior Pro Auto Detailed

When you detail your car – or even when the time comes for a regular cleaning, you should never ignore the interior. Detailing is every bit as important for the inside of your vehicle as for the exterior. Here are five reasons why you should not neglect the interior of your car when it comes to cleaning and detailing:

What Do Car Detailers Do When Cleaning Leather?

Car detailers clean and condition leatherwork in a car’s interior using a dedicated leather cleaner, or all-purpose cleaner, and microfiber cloths and/or detailing brushes. We first remove all loose debris with a vacuum cleaner and then apply the cleaner, covering small, manageable areas, and agitating with detailing brushes. This lifts the dirt and gets the product deep into the leather for thorough cleaning. We then buff the leather with soft microfiber cloths.

Does Paint Protection Film Damage Paint?

Quality paint protection films (PPF), such as the ones we use from XPEL, are completely safe to apply to your car. There are some inferior products that have been known to damage paint due to the cheap adhesives they use. PPFs are very thin and bond to a car’s surface by way of a unique adhesive substance. The PPF is fitted, cut, placed, and then activated by a liquid spray. The water in the spray activates the adhesive, which then attaches to the substrate without any damage to paintwork. When you choose PPF from XPEL and have Pro Auto Spa professionally apply it, you can rest assured that your paintwork is completely safe.

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