As much as you regularly wash and wax your car with the goal of restoring its appearance to the day you purchased it, little chips, stains, and swirl marks will begin to appear. Now there is a protective coating known as ceramic coating that provides protection from the both natural and man-made elements, while making car washes easier. And what’s more? It makes your car shine better than the day you bought it! Pro Spa Auto, expert car detailers in Colorado Springs, explains more.

What is ceramic car coating?

Ceramic car coating is a polymer protective liquid that is applied to the exterior of the car. The ceramic nanoparticles in the liquid create a permanent or semi-permanent bond with the paint job of the vehicle, enhancing its protection and durability. This strong bond ensures it does not wear off or need to be applied repeatedly for years to come.

What does a ceramic coating do?

As mentioned above, the ceramic car coating gives your vehicle an added layer of protection and makes it look as good as new. But what else does it do?

  • Protection from UV rays and oxidation

Paint jobs on vehicles that have been exposed to the sun over long periods of time tend to oxidize and fade. Ceramic car coating reduces the level of oxidation as it protects your paint job from the harsh sun. Considering the high altitude and arid conditions in Colorado Springs, this is a primary concern for discerning car owners. 

  • Protection from staining

When the paint job of your vehicle comes in contact with naturally acidic contaminants, it tends to stain and etch. However, applying a ceramic car coating can prevent the contaminants from sticking to the paint job, making the vehicle more stain-resistant.

  • Easier cleaning

Ceramic car coating makes the surface of the vehicle hydrophobic, thereby repelling water. This, in turn, prevents mud and grime from sticking to the surface, making cleaning much easier than before.

  • Glossy finish

Ceramic car coating gives your car a glossy finish as it enhances its existing reflective properties.

What else should you consider?

When considering a ceramic coating for your car, a quality detailer will first look at the condition of your paint. Since ceramic coating creates a protective layer, you are sealing in your current paint. If there are imperfections like swirls, scratches, and chips, you should consider a paint correction service prior to the ceramic coating. After all, the goal is to restore and protect your car’s original showroom appearance, so it makes sense to correct the paint first.

You might also consider applying paint protection film to the most vulnerable areas of your car, particularly the front bumper, hood, fenders and mirrors. This film will give an extra layer of protection against scratches and chips from rocks and other debris that can damage your paint. 

Your friendly professionals at Pro Auto Spa can review this with you during a complimentary consultation. 

What does a ceramic car coating not do?

Despite all these benefits of a ceramic car coating, it does have its limitations. Ceramic car coating does not eliminate water spotting or the need for car washes. It does however, make keeping the paint easier with its hydrophobic qualities. 

For more information on car detailing and ceramic car coating, contact Pro Spa Auto today!