Ceramic coating for cars is widely promoted as the best way to preserve your vehicle’s paint job. What is ceramic coating and does it really do everything that people say it does? Pro Auto Spa, a leading provider of ceramic coatings in Colorado Springs, provides the answers to the questions people most often ask about ceramic car coatings.

What is ceramic coating?

Ceramic coating is a chemical polymer solution that is applied to the exterior of a vehicle to protect the paintwork from external damage. The coating bonds chemically with the paint and forms a hydrophobic layer that prevents dirt and grime from ruining the paint job. It is an excellent, far more effective and resilient alternative to waxing. Its main function is to maintain a clean, bright finish by preventing dirt from taking hold on the surface of the vehicle. It can be either permanent or semi-permanent, depending on which polymer is used.

Is ceramic coating good for cars?

In a word, yes! Ceramic coating has several benefits for your car, including the following: 

  • Permanent or semi-permanent protection against dirt: It also makes the car much easier to wash.
  • Protection from UV rays: Exposure to UV rays do severe damage to a car’s paintwork, causing it to fade over time. Ceramic coating effectively prevents this from happening. You can keep your vehicle looking like you just drove it off the dealership’s lot.
  • Protection from chemical stains: Various acidic contaminants in the air or from winter road treatments can leave chemical stains on your paintwork. A ceramic coating prevents this from happening. 
  • Hydrophobic protection: Ceramic coating blends with your car’s paint and repels water. Any water-based dirt and grime will simply bead on the surface and just slide off. This makes washing your car so much easier – a quick jet wash will do the trick.  
  • Aesthetic enhancement: Aside from all these benefits, a ceramic coating just makes your car look better. It adds gloss and depth to the paintwork, giving it a permanent showroom shine.

Is a ceramic coating better than wax or sealants?

Waxes and sealants are great but they don’t provide the kind of long lasting protection that you can get from a ceramic coating. They are also not generally applied frequently enough to provide consistent protection. Most waxes only last for a few months, whereas ceramic coatings will protect your paintwork, with a brilliant, rich finish, for years.

Should I ceramic coat my new car?

We would definitely recommend a ceramic coating on your new vehicle. The benefits listed above speak for themselves. If you want to maintain gorgeous paintwork that is easy to clean, ceramic coating is for you. We should also note, however, that there are some things that ceramic coating cannot do. Ceramic coating is one of the finest car paint protection solutions on the market, but it won’t completely prevent scratches, chips or swirl marks. It will enhance and sustain the glow of your paintwork, but it won’t entirely remove the need to wash your car regularly. With that being said, ceramic coating is the best solution there is for keeping your car’s paint in showroom condition and making cleaning, care and maintenance much easier. 

What happens when ceramic coating wears off?

It isn’t always easy to spot when a ceramic coating starts to wear off. Unlike a clear coat, it will not separate from the paintwork and start to peel. Ceramic coating forms a chemical bond with the paintwork. When it does wear off, after several years, it will simply wear away and you will start to notice that its benefits gradually disappear. Moisture will no longer simply bead and roll off. Dirt won’t be shed as easily anymore. Eventually, you will need to have the ceramic coating reapplied. 

ceramic coated truck

How should I wash my car after applying ceramic coating?

Your ceramic coating will need care after it is applied to ensure that you can enjoy its benefits for as long as possible. The most important part of your care regimen is knowing how to wash the coating. Just because you have the coating on the car, it doesn’t mean you can neglect to wash your car. On the contrary, although cleaning will be much easier, you should still wash the car on a regular basis. Sometimes all you might need is to rinse the car with a hose or jet washer. When you need a more thorough cleaning, you can use the good, old-fashioned two-bucket system. One bucket contains your soap solution and the other is filled with water and lined with a grit guard, for rinsing grime off your sponge or washpad. It is best to avoid automatic car washes as they use highly abrasive bristles that will mar your coating. You won’t see the effects of this immediately, but these bristles will have a long-term effect on your finish and will shorten the life of your coating. 

Can ceramic car coating be removed?

It can be done if necessary. The coating is intended to provide long-lasting protection and it bonds chemically to your clear coat. Removing it is not advisable, but there may be times when it becomes unavoidable. If that situation should arise, just know that it will take some work and you are probably better off leaving it to the facility that applied the coat in the first place.

Possible reasons to remove the coating may are:

  • The need to apply a new coating
  • Having bodywork done
  • Redoing the paint job

To remove the coating, the first thing to do is to check the manufacturer’s instructions. If you want to remove an old coat in order to apply a fresh one, the product manufacturer should provide detailed instructions for doing so.

You can use certain chemicals to remove a ceramic coating. Even though ceramic coatings are formulated to be resistant to chemicals, there are some alkaline products that are perfect for removing them from the clear coat. However, if not used carefully, these substances can often affect the clear coat itself. Check if the product is harmful to clear coat before using it, and then test it on one small section before applying it to the entire car. 

Another method for the removal of ceramic coating is to use a clay bar to loosen up the coating from the clear coat. This method is not 100% effective, however, as it does not remove the tiny iron particles that embed themselves in coatings. 

The most effective way to remove ceramic coating is to polish it off. This method does require a fair amount of experience with polishing compounds and is best left to professionals.

Can you polish ceramic car coating?

It isn’t advisable to use polish or cutting compounds on ceramic coats because, as we already explained above, this is the most effective way to remove the coat! It really should never be necessary to polish a car when a ceramic coat has been applied. All a ceramic coated car needs is to be washed regularly as described above.

What kind of cleaning products should I use on my ceramic coated car?

Choose a shampoo that is specially formulated for ceramic coatings, and that is pH neutral and free of waxes or sealants. 

How long does it take to apply a ceramic coat to a car?

The condition of the paintwork, the number of layers being applied and the amount of time each layer will take to cure, are among the many factors that determine how long the job will take. A majority of the time needed is preparing the car’s surface to be ready for the ceramic coating application. Depending on the condition of your car, we may need to do a fair amount of paint correction and scratch repair before we get started on the application. We take it through decontamination wash and paint correction before coating the vehicle. Once the coating is applied, we have to keep the vehicle indoors in an environmentally controlled area for 24 hours as the coat cures. If you opt to have the wheel faces, barrels, and calipers coated as well, this will require additional time. Glass coating and interior surfaces will also add to the overall time. In general, you can expect to leave your car in our care for anywhere between three and five days.  

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