Summer brings a variety of risks for your car, from increased wear and tear as a result of road trips, to possible damage from hailstorms. Here are some expert car care and maintenance tips for the coming summer.

Do’s and don’ts for summer car care and maintenance

As you prepare for the coming hot Colorado weather, as well as the increased risk of storms, keep the following car care and maintenance tips in mind.

1. Do wax your car regularly, or have paint protection film or ceramic coating applied

It is a good idea to keep your paintwork protected against the summer heat, the sun’s harsh UV rays, and heavy storms. With Colorado’s average 300 days of sunshine at high altitude and dry air, the sun’s UV rays are particularly destructive to your car’s paint and trim. You can either wash and wax your car regularly or take it to an auto detailing shop for a sealant, ceramic coating, or paint protection film. 

2. Don’t overuse the air conditioner

In very hot weather, it isn’t always a good idea to use your air conditioner continuously. It may seem strange to cut back on your AC use at the time when you need it most, but your car will thank you for it. Letting your AC blast for extended periods in sweltering conditions can put an unnecessary load on your engine and lead to overheating.

3. Do change your tires at the beginning of the season

Winter tires are specifically designed for that season – they are made of softer material so that they get better traction in cold conditions, and they have larger grooves and tread blocks for extra traction on snow. These qualities make them less suitable for driving on hot, dry roads, and leaves them more vulnerable to wear. They will also likely cause your car to handle poorly. Remember to switch to summer tires near the end of spring. In Southern Colorado, this is typically early to mid-May. 

4. Don’t run your car on low fuel

In most modern cars, the fuel pump is located inside the tank. This is to ensure that the fuel that surrounds the pump will keep it cool. If you run your car on low fuel, there is less coolant for the pump and thus, a greater risk that it will overheat, especially when the exterior conditions are particularly hot.

For ceramic coating, hail damage repair, and more services to help you protect your car’s body and paintwork during the summer, come to Pro Auto Spa. Contact us for more information and car care maintenance tips.