A ceramic coating is a clear coating applied to a car’s paint. There are many benefits of getting a ceramic coating for your car. The coating is a glossy finish that protects your car’s paint against the harsh Colorado elements. Learn about the benefits and advantages of ceramic coating in this article. 

Does ceramic coating protect your car’s paint?  

Ceramic coating has a nano-ceramic component that forms a layer of protection between your car’s paint and harsh contaminants. Ceramic coating treatments are more durable than traditional wax treatments and last longer. 

Pro Auto Spa uses a ceramic pro treatment with hydrophobic qualities. Gtechniq Crystal Serum Ultra Coating adds longevity to the vehicle’s paint, protects it against dirt and swirls, and maintains a better-than-showroom shine.

Does ceramic coating protect your car from UV rays?

UV rays can damage your car’s paint over time. The ceramic coating serves as a clear, protective layer that deflects UV rays off your car. What this means for your vehicle is that the coating will prevent your car’s paint from fading over time which will keep it looking newer for longer.

Does a ceramic-coated car need less frequent washes?

Another great benefit from ceramic coating is that your car’s washes will be easier. The surface provides a smoother finish which keeps dirt from getting trapped on the paint. If there is dirt and grime on the surface of the car, it is more easily washed away thanks to the nano-ceramic coating. You should still wash your car at regular intervals.

There are so many more benefits to choosing a ceramic coating. It not only provides for a superior and glossier finish, but it also adds a level of protection that you won’t find with traditional waxes and sealers. Ceramic coating is long-lasting, which means this level of protection will save you time and money on vehicle paint repairs and maintenance down the line. 

Pro Auto Spa provides expert application of ceramic coating for your vehicle. An estimate of your time is around 3-5 days for all the prep work, paint correction, decontamination, coating, and the environmentally-controlled curing process.

To experience the benefits of getting a ceramic coating for your car, call Pro Auto Spa today!