Want to learn what car detailers do when cleaning leather? It is important to get your leather seats professionally cleaned to keep or restore their natural feel and sheen. Professionals such as Pro Auto Spa are the experts you need to properly vacuum, clean and condition leather upholstery. Read more about how our leather cleaning can protect your car’s interior.

Will professional car detailers vacuum the leather?

A professional will vacuum all leather surfaces to remove loose dirt and debris. When you take your car to Pro Auto Spa, we don’t just clean the seats on the surface, we use a specially-formulated process to remove nasty odors and leave your car leather smelling fresher, longer.

How do professional car detailers clean & condition leather?

Professional car detailers use a specially formulated leather cleaner to clean and condition leather. A leather cleaner will remove even the toughest dirt and stains, while a leather conditioner will keep the leather protected for longer. The experts at Pro Auto Spa make use of leather cleaning products with no harsh chemicals to prevent any damage to your car’s interior.

what do car detailers do when cleaning leather

What do professionals clean car upholstery with?

Leather upholstery is cleaned with a microfiber cloth and leather soap such as saddle soap to ensure that all stains are removed. We hand clean all leather and upholstery to remove body oils. If body oils aren’t regularly cleaned, your leather can develop deep stains that can become difficult, if not impossible, to completely remove.

What do car detailers do when cleaning leather?

At Pro Auto Spa, we hand clean all leather and upholstery. The result is a showroom finish. In addition, all video and navigation screens are gently wiped, leaving a streak-free finish. We also care for the outside of your vehicle just as much as the inside.

What do car detailers do when cleaning leather? Pro Auto Spa’s highly-trained personnel don’t just clean your car’s leather, we’ll treat it with care and give it the attention it deserves. 

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