Using Clear Bra for your car can provide comprehensive protection and defense from paint scratches or chips. Also known as Paint Protection Film (PPF), Clear Bra is a thermoplastic urethane film that can be applied onto the painted surface of your new or used car to protect the paint job. Read on to find out more about Clear Bra from Pro Auto Spa, experts in the application of paint protection films on vehicles in Colorado Springs.

Types of Clear Bra installation available

There are a variety of installation styles when it comes to the application of Clear Bra on vehicles. Some detailers use a plotter and vector graphics to create the shape of the film as per the unique surface it must be installed on. Expert detailers can also develop hand template panels, which are then converted into digital formats.

Apart from high-end professional detailers, there are paint protection film manufacturers who offer a variety of pre-cut Clear Bra kits that are customized according to vehicle specifics.

History behind Clear Bra

Urethane technology was first introduced during the Vietnam War when the US Army partnered with 3M to develop a lightweight and durable material for helicopter rotors. This technology was also used in the 1970s in fighter jets and still continues to be utilized in a variety of aerospace and military applications.

NASCAR used urethane technology in the 1980s to protect the decaled front of their cars that undergo tremendous damage during the races. In the 1990s, urethane was available commercially for automotive protection and today, it has been OEM approved by most major car manufacturers.

History behind Clear Bra

Are there any liabilities?

Once applied, Clear Bra works as an invisible shield that protects your vehicle. However, in order to be informed consumers, you must understand the liabilities that come with its application and how to avoid them.


In the early days of Clear Bra, it was noticed that it turned yellow, affecting the overall look of the vehicle. After some research, it was found that this discoloration was due to the oxidization of the adhesive that was used. Today, UV-resistant acrylic adhesives are used with all high-quality Clear Bras that do not lead to yellowing or discoloration. As consumers, we recommend you always invest in high-quality Clear Bras such as those used by Pro Auto Spa.


Experts from professional auto shops such as Pro Auto Spa painstakingly spend hours to ensure proper application of the Clear Bra on your vehicle. This is because the poor quality of application can result in blistering or the formation of air bubbles between the surface of your vehicles and the urethane film. Reputable applications centers also have controlled environments that prevent the entry or trapping of dust and other contaminants beneath the film.


When using pressure washes, it is recommended to keep the water 12 inches away from the surface and the Clear Bra to avoid peeling or lifting the film. It is recommended to always purchase high-quality paint protection films and take your car into authorized installers such as Pro Auto Spa to avoid this issue.

Now that you know the advantages and history of paint protection films such as Clear Bra for your car, why not provide your vehicle with an extra layer of protection as well? For more information on installation and prices of Clear Bra, contact Pro Auto Spa today!