Paintless dent repair (PDR) for your car can repair minor or major dents without the need for cutting & welding, repainting, or panel replacements. Dents or dings can be highly frustrating for car owners. However, PDR is a highly skilled service and must only be carried out by expert technicians with years of experience under their belt. Did you know 80% – 90% of all dents and creases can be repaired through the paintless dent repair process? Find out more from Pro Auto Spa.

How does it work?

Paintless dent repair involves the manipulation or ‘massaging’ of the vehicle body metal to fix any dents or flaws. Technicians use specialized tools and techniques to deliver superior results. So what are the steps involved in the paintless dent repair technique?

Assessment of the damage to the vehicle

This is the primary step in the repair process. Once technicians have understood the size, location and extent of the dent, they begin preparing the area around it for repair.

Gaining access to the dent/crease

While accessing the dent, technicians find a safe and secure pathway to it, usually behind the panel. This usually involves removing body panels or other components such as tail lights or interior panels to get to the damaged location.

Understand the extent of the damage

In this step of the process, technicians use specialized tools such as light boards to view the dent from their perspective. The light board can help in providing a shadow of the crease or dent so tools can be placed at the precise location at the back to massage it into place.

Using low pressure or massaging to fix the dent

Once technicians understand and are able to access the dent, they begin using slow pressure with specialized equipment to repair and refurbish.

How does it work - PDR


As compared to traditional dent repairing methods, paintless dent repair is highly cost-effective and environmentally friendly. It can be carried out to restore your car to its factory-like condition in less time and with lower costs.

As this is a non-invasive and quick process, customers can expect to receive their vehicle on the same day they bring it in. But of course, this also depends on the extent or severity as well as the location of the damage.

Will it damage the paint?

There is a misconception among car owners that repairing a dent always affects the paint job. As impossible as it sounds, paintless dent repair can fix your dings and dents without the need to repaint. This is primarily because, in the event of a dent, it is the metal panel of the car that is damaged and not the paint. Therefore, in the process of paintless dent repair, technicians simply restore the metal panels without affecting the paint.

However, if your vehicle was brought in with dents as well as chipped paint, the process of paintless dent repair could worsen the damaged paint. In such scenarios, highly qualified technicians may recommend other repair processes.

Other benefits of the paintless dent repair process include:

  1. Unlike traditional dent repair methods, PDR does not include paint or solvents that can produce toxic fumes. Therefore, paintless dent repair is an environmentally-friendly method that is also safer for the technicians.
  2. As this is a more cost-effective method than traditional dent repair processes, consumers can save thousands of dollars for repairs such as hail damage.
  3. Paintless dent repairs can be carried out in a day.
  4. Paintless Dent Repair does not have to get reported to CARFAX because the car is restored to its original condition without altering or replacing parts. This helps you avoid diminishing the value of your vehicle when you sell it. 

For more information on how paintless dent repairs for your car can be the way to go, contact Pro Auto Spa today!