When you are debating between wheel repair vs wheel replacement, you have to make a judgement call and decide whether the damage affects safety or whether it is merely cosmetic damage. If you are not certain, it is always better to play it safe when it comes to you and your family.

Wheels are among the most frequently damaged parts of cars, and it makes sense: these are the parts that make contact at all times. With road surfaces not being optimal here in the Colorado Springs area – debris, uneven curbs, potholes – damage occurs frequently. Scratches resulting from curb damage can often be repaired, but a dent or more severe damage like cracks will probably result in replacement.

Obviously, wheel replacement can be expensive, so it’s best to speak to professionals you can trust before spending money on a new wheel.

If the damage does not look too severe, you may be tempted to try and repair it yourself. It may be as easy as buffing it out with wheel polish, but if that fails, your next step is sanding and refinishing it. If this is the case, head straight to the home of professional wheel repair and replacement services in Colorado Springs: Pro Auto Spa.

Wheel Repair Vs Wheel Replacement?

Remember that the material your wheels are made of will affect the damage and the possibility of repair. If you have steel wheels, it may just be the wheel cover that is damaged while the steel rim is unharmed. If you have alloy wheels, they do not have covers. If the rim is still round with no bent sections or pieces of metal missing, it’s probably only cosmetic damage. However, it’s a good idea to keep an eye on any damaged wheel to be sure that the tire is not damaged.

When a wheel is dented, it can affect the tire – sometimes causing slow leaks, blowouts, and affecting balance. Not to mention that a wheel that has structural damage could simply break apart, which can create a very serious situation while driving.

Play it safe: speak to the professionals. Contact Pro Auto Spa, your local, family-owned auto appearance specialists, to discuss wheel repair vs wheel replacement.