If you have hail damage on your vehicle like so many Colorado Springs residents, you may be wondering where you can take your vehicle to get the best service and the best pricing for your repair. Luckily, Pro Auto Spa is the leader in Colorado Springs for Hail Damage and Dent Repair, and we would like to help you on your journey to a more beautiful and whole vehicle.

When beginning your automobile repair journey, research often comes first. Who is the best in town? Who has the best pricing? Who is the fastest? You may have noticed that traditional auto body shops in Colorado Springs are booked out for weeks or even months for hail-damaged vehicles. Did you know that Pro Auto Spa offers free estimates and can offer multiple solutions to your hail damage? If you have a dent or ding that needs attention, don’t delay, and give us a call or swing by our convenient location at 909 S Tejon St! If your hail damage qualifies for Paintless Dent Repair (PDR), we can schedule your repair right away. If your damage is more extensive and requires a conventional body shop, we can review with you the best course of action and even refer you to trusted shops in town.

What Is The Pro Auto Spa Difference?

Pro Auto Spa has been serving Colorado Springs and the Front Range in auto hail repair for years. Under our parent company, Ding Magic, we have become a trusted household name in our beloved community, and have taken pride in giving back. In December 2018, we held a Dents For Kids event to give toys to the Children’s Hospital Foundation of Colorado, an organization that is held close to our hearts. (You could add a little about your personal experience here.) We were overwhelmed by the participation and donations from our guests and partners in Colorado and nationwide!

Aside from our community involvement, we also train other technicians and dent repair shops in Colorado about the proper techniques and pricing for hail repair and paintless dent repair. We take pride in knowing that our guests and the guests of our competitors are getting the most up-to-date processes and the service they deserve.

Why Might PDR Be The Solution To My Automobile Dent?

Occasionally, even when an insurance company writes a hood, roof or trunk for replacement, they can still be repaired with paintless dent repair. Typically, the most an insurance company will pay is replacement cost.  So, if you have no cracked paint and your panel isn’t compromised, a paintless dent repair is always the best option.  Here are the main reasons why:

  • Maintain Factory Paint Job.
    One benefit to choosing Paintless Dent Repair is that there is no grinding, fillers, or primers needed because your original factory paint is not disturbed. You’ll also avoid issues with filler or paint shrinkage in the months after your repair (which is typical with some conventional repairs).
  • There is no diminished value.
    When it comes time to sell or trade in your vehicle, paint repairs are easily detectable. This is especially true if you had a mismatched paint job. In addition, PDR doesn’t add to your CARFAX history report, something that a future buyer will typically always refer to, and something that body shop repairs typically show up on.
  • You can have your vehicle repaired in hours or days, rather than weeks or months.
    If you’ve been calling around to different repair shops to try and get your dent or hail damage repaired, you may have been faced with long wait times and the need to rent a car while your vehicle is being repaired. Paintless Dent Repair could be your answer to a shorter turnaround time and a lower cost! Repair time is drastically reduced because there isn’t sanding, painting and curing time when you choose PDR.

How Much Does Auto Hail Repair Cost?

When looking at the cost of auto hail repair, the experts at Pro Auto Spa look for the solution that is going to be the most cost-efficient and the solution that will fit your lifestyle and needs. If you have extensive hail damage, PDR may not be for you. When you have dings from basketballs, grocery carts, or other car doors, PDR may be the solution, and can be much less expensive than replacing entire panels and having unnecessary work done at a traditional body shop.

Hail damage is sized by US Currency: dime, nickel, quarter, half dollar and oversize dings (larger than a half dollar). Colorado hail storms often cause significantly larger damage like the storm that hit Cheyenne Mountain Zoo in 2018. Since every vehicle is different, and damage ranges from the $300-dollar mark into the thousands, we recommend scheduling a no-obligation free estimate to find out how your auto hail damage can be best repaired.

Trust your vehicle to the leaders in PDR and Hail Dent Repair. Working with Pro Auto Spa gives you the peace of mind you need when repairing your vehicle. We have the highest-trained technicians who receive ongoing training to help you maintain your vehicle’s value by using the most effective auto hail repair techniques available.