Fall in Colorado is beautiful, yet unpredictable. Last year we saw weather conditions fluctuate like crazy. No doubt, this fall has been mild and nice. With paint protection film/clear bra, car owners have one less thing to worry about during the harsh weather conditions. The protection formed by investing in paint protection film creates a barrier against the elements. We did a little research on how paint protection film/clear bra can benefit you this fall.

Why should you consider paint protection film/clear bra necessary in Fall?

It is now estimated that car owners in Colorado spend upwards of $800 per month on their vehicles on average – and that’s a lot, especially considering that these costs go towards car maintenance and repair. The weather fluctuations during the fall season are indeed a contributor to this. Fall in Colorado brings on storms and early winter snow, all of which can potentially cause damage to a car’s exterior paint. The wetter conditions with increased sand on the road means more damaging dirt and sand being splattered onto your paint. If not cleaned immediately, those fine dirt particles can bond to your paint’s surface. What’s worse is if the car isn’t cleaned properly, those fine dirt particles are what contributes to swirls in your clear coat and paint. Paint protection film and clear bra are excellent ways for vehicle owners to safeguard their car’s paint against these conditions and to save owners money on exterior maintenance and repair in the long term.

What are the benefits of paint protection film/clear bra in Colorado?

Paint protection film forms a durable paint protection layer against events that may arise during weather fluctuations this fall, such as: 

  • Protection from abrasions and swirls
  • Prevention of paint corrosion from road treatment chemicals
  • Protection from tree, plant, and bird stains 
  • Protection against mud, dirt, and debris

Which paint protection film is best for your car this Fall?

XPEL’s Ultimate Plus 10 film is the ideal paint protection film as it is virtually invisible while offering an excellent level of protection. Pro Auto Spa uses paint protection film from XPEL because it will not alter the factory finish or aesthetics of your car. Clear bra is made of elastomeric polymers – which is the secret behind its protective power over fine scratches and other unsightly marks. What this means for you is that you receive a high level of professionalism and protection for your vehicle’s paint that will last you for years to come. Save money and protect your car this fall by investing in clear bra paint protection film. 

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